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Village of Hope … Family Visits


Our policy is to allow family visits on a pre-scheduled basis, starting 3 weeks after the student has been admitted to the Village of Hope program.

Family are requested attend Orientation Class to review the Village of Hope policies. Our goal is to promote healthy family visits. We are committed to success of both the student and the family.


Family Visits are every from Sunday 9am – 5pm

If you are coming early and attending church we welcome you to stay and have lunch with us. The first Sunday of every month is a Potluck so you can bring a tasty food dish of your choice to share. If you are unable to attend church and only coming for family visits; visiting hours are 1pm – 5pm. Please check with staff before bringing any gifts onto the Village of Hope campus.

Lastly, please call our at 506-368-2600 before 12 noon on Wednesday to let us know how many from your family will be attending and any questions.

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