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Village of Hope … Family Recovery Process

Family Recovery

It’s one thing to get the addict free of their addiction but he/she has left a wake of destruction in their lives with regards to the impact on family members.

We offer Family Recovery – A workbook for families recovering from chemical dependency and its effects.

This is a nine week course that is done with the family and the student in the program on Sundays – it’s a small group type setting.  All participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


Living with an addict has the same effect on a family as living in the house with a live uncaged rattlesnake! (It can be done, but not without trauma!) Every member of the family focuses on the sickest member (the addict), who exercises power to control the emotional, financial and spiritual climate of the whole family.

In a normal, healthy family, no one person is always center stage. Attention is given to the needs of each member. There is a healthy giving and receiving between spouses and children. This balance is sadly lacking in the family of the addict.

In the Family Recovery workbook we look at chemical dependency, what it does to the individual caught in its web, and its devastating effects upon the family. We will also learn about co-dependency, the resulting illness in family members.

We will then examine a process by which many families have managed to recover from these effects. These people now lead healthier lives than the average person. They are now able to deal effectively with everyday problems and crises well enough to turn and help others. As you will find in this lesson, The Family Recovery Process, there is hope for the hurting. There is healing for the wounded casualties of this epidemic.

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